CARGO WORK (35 marks)
Note: Question no: 1 is compulsory and carries 15 marks Attempt any two questions from
remaining, each carries 10 marks.
1. The dimensions of a tween deck are 20m x 15m x 3m. Find the maximum
weight of the general cargo that can be loaded in the compartment if the stowage factor is
2.0m3/t and the broken stowage is 10%.will the quantity of cargo be different if load density
of the deck is 1.25 t/m2 ? Give reasons for your answer.
2. Write short notes on code of safe practices for solid bulk cargoes
3. Describe the various types of the motions experienced by the ships at sea
and also draw the sketch.
4. What is the objective of Dock Labourer’s Act and describe duties and power of inspectors.
SEAMANSHIP (40 marks)
Note: Attempt any four from this section. All questions carry equal marks
5. Write notes on :
a) Anchoring Procedures
b) Standing Moor
6. Write short notes on:
i) Shallow water effects ii) Narrow channels effects (with diagram)
7. What are the requirements of Life Saving Appliances as per SOLAS on general cargo ship?
8. Describe the actions to be taken in the event of fire outbreak in the CargoHold.
9. How will you prepare the vessel for heavy weather?
10. Write notes on the Dry-docking Procedures.

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