Reefer container


when planning storage of reefer container we need to know the information regarding the exact location of the Power Points that will provide power to the reefer container.

Generally planning of reefer containers are done prior to containers carrying dangerous goods.

Check to be carried out on reefer container.

  • Reefer containers need to be checked regularly for proper functioning.
  • The checks are to be done physically and must be carried out at least twice a day.
  • The findings must be recorded as some container come with special instructions on monitoring requirements record must be stored in accordance with company management procedures.

following things must be checked –

  • The temperature.
  • The power supply.
  • Check for alarm, if any.
  • Depending on the design check on cooling water supply.
  • Check for unusual vibration or noise.

As it is obligation upon the carrier to prevent cargo from getting damaged any repairs to container that are malfunctioning if required must be carried out by the technical staff on a priority and report of malfunctioning must be transmitted to concern authorities.

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