• Ships required to carry an IAFS Certificate or Declaration on Anti-Fouling
Systems (Parties of the AFS Convention)

• The PSCO should check the validity of the IAFS Certificate or Declaration on

• Anti-Fouling Systems, and the attached Record of Anti-Fouling Systems, if appropriate.

• The only practical way to apply paint to the ship’s bottom (underwater part) is in a dry dock. This means that the date of application of paint on the IAFS The certificate should be checked by comparing the period of dry-docking with the date on the certificate.

• If the paint has been applied during a scheduled dry-dock period, it has to be registered in the ship’s logbook (in order to be legal). Furthermore, this scheduled dry-docking can be verified by the endorsement date on the (statutory) Safety Construction Certificate (SOLAS, regulation I/10).

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