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Some Definitions

Sheer – Curvature of the uppermost continuous deck in the longitudinal direction towards the bow and stern.(Helps to keep the green sea to min in bad weather.)

Tumblehome – Inward curvature of the shell plating at the sides. This feature is rarely found on ships.

Flare – Outward curvature of the vessels bow plating.

  • Helps increase buoyancy and prevent the bow from diving into the sea.
  • Increase the breadth of the forecastle that provides space for mooring gears.
  • Helps anchor fall clear when let go.

Framing Systems

Frame – On side plating running vertical up and down.

Beam – under deck runs transversely

Transverse – Under decks (deck transverse) and on bottom plating (bottom transverse) but not in the double bottom, Runs transversely like a beam but much heavier than it.

Floor – Found only in double bottoms, running transversely

Stringers – On side plating and longitudinal bulkhead , Runs horizontally fore and aft .

Longitudinal – Found in Longitudinally framed ships. under the deck , on side plating, on longitudinal bulkheads, on bottom plating and under the tank top. Runs fore and aft.

Girder – Found under deck and on the bottom plating . Girders run fore and aft and are deep and heavy in construction.These are imp longitudinal strength members.

Scantlings – A ship construction term used generally to define dimensions of various structure. Used to measure breadth, length, Height, diameter, etc.


transverse longitudinal and composite framing



Longitudinal framing

Longitudinal framing
longitudinal framed ship
Composite framing
Compositely Framed Ship