Revision 2

  1. Dew – When water vapour condenses into droplets of water and gets deposited on the exposed surface on or near the ground, its Called Dew.
  2. Rime: It is a white deposit of ice. When the temp. of water particles in fog is below 0 degrees C, They are said to be Supercooled Droplets. When Supercooled water droplets in a fog come into contact with very cold solid objects such as ships mast, whose temp is below freezing point . They freeze almost immediately.
  3. Drizzle – Fine drops of water, less than 0.5mm in diameter. CLOUDS – St,Sc
  4. Rain – Larger than 0.5mm Diameter. CLOUDS – Ns, As, Sc, Ac, Cu, Cb.
  5. Freezing rain /Drizzle. The Water Drop freeze on contact with cold ground.
  6. Snow Flakes – Loose clusters of ice crystals, In Very soft , Small particles having branches or having patterns. CLOUDS – Ns, As, Sc, Cb.
  7. Snow Pellets – White Opaque Grains of ice very soft and spherical or conical in shape, Diameter between 2-5mm . CLOUDS Cb in cold weather.
  8. Ice Pellets – Transparent Pellets of ice , hard less than 0.5 mm. CLOUDS – Ns, As, Cb
  9. Hail – Balls of ice , 0.5 mm to 50 mm in size and can be even bigger. CLOUDS Cb.
  10. Sleet – Rain and Snow Falls together . CLOUDS – Ns, As, Sc, Cb. (same as 6)