Role and Function of Classification Society

  1. Classification Societies are Organisation that establish and apply technical standards in relation to the design construction and survey of marine related facilities including ships and offshore structure.
  2. These Standards are issued by the society as Published rules. The Publish rules and regulations concerning:-
    • The structural strength of all essential parts of hull and its appendages.
    • Safety and reliability of the Propulsion and steering system and other auxiliary systems.
    • All machinery (Including electrical).
    • Rules for special type of vessel.
    • Rules for ship equipment etc.
    • Material for construction.
  3. The classification society service is mainly updating and monitoring hull structure and essential shipboard engineering system during construction and throughout ships life.
  4. A vessel must be in class all times while in service, for this Vessels are being surveyed by Classification Society surveyor at regular intervals.
  5. They carry out research and development in ships structure, engineering design and other safety aspects.

Summary role of classification society and its function.

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