Roll on Roll off vessel (ro-ro vessel)


Ro Ro is an acronym for roll-on/roll-off. Ro-Ro ships are vessels that are used to carry wheeled cargo.

The vehicles in the ship are loaded and unloaded by means of build in ramps. Normally these ramps are made towards the stern (back side) of the ship. In some vessels they are also found on the bow side as well as sides of the ship.

There are various types of ro do ships such as ferries, cruise ferries, cargo ships and barges. The roro vessel that are exclusively used for transporting cars and trucks across oceans are known as pure car carrier (PCC)and truck carrier(PCTC) respectively.

roro cargoes are measured in units called length in metre.(LIMs).

LIM is calculated by multiplying cargo length in meter and it’s width in lanes. And number of decks.

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