ROR Part C – Light and shapes


Part C – Lights and shapes

Day shapes from COLREG

Navigation status Day shape Restriction
Vessel under sail & power Cone > 12m
Anchored Ball > 7m (not in channel) > 20m (in Anchorage)
Constrained by draft Cylinder
Aground 3 balls (vert. line) > 12m
Not under command 2 balls (vert. line) > 12m
Restricted in ability to maneuver 1 ball+1 diamond+1 ball > 12m (except dive boats)
Fishing (commercial) 2 cones (vert. line) > 20m (but must display (nets or trawling) basket shape
Vessel towing Diamond Tow > 200m
Vessel being towed Diamond Tow > 100m
Minesweeping 3 Balls Naval
22. Visibility of lights
Lights must be bright enough to be visible as follows[11][page needed]
Light type Vessels 50 meters (164 ft) or more in length Vessels between 12–50 meters (39–164 ft) in length Vessels less than 12 meters (39 ft) in length
Masthead light 6 nautical miles 5 miles; except for vessels less than 20 metres (66 ft), 3 miles 2 miles
Sidelight 3 miles 2 miles 1 mile
Towing light 3 miles 2 miles 2 miles
White, red, green or yellow all-around light 3 miles 2 miles 2 miles


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