Following are the oral questions that you must know before you go for your mates. Click on the question to get an answer (We are working on the answers). What we provide is a sample answer we cannot claim that our answer will be the best answer.

  1. The requirement of Liferaft as per SOLAS?
  2. The requirement of lifeboat as per SOLAS?
  3. In Which Chapter of SOLAS we can find about LIFEBOAT and LIFE RAFT.
  4. What are the equipment in LIFE RAFT?
  5. What are the equipment in LIFEBOAT?
  6. What are the maintenance in life raft as per SOLAS?
  7. What is a RESCUE boat?
  8. The requirement for a Rescue boat?
  9. What is the difference between rescue and Survival craft?
  10. MLC 2006?
  11. Latest STCW Amendments?
  12. Where can you find hydrostatic particular of a vessel?
  13. What is TPA?
  14. What is an immersion suit?
  15. Requirement for muster list and How will you make a muster list?
  16. What is LTA.
  17. Tell me about Rocket Parachute.
  18. Weekly and monthly check for liferaft and life boat.
  19. What is SCBA set?
  20. Parts of SCBA set?
  21. Tests of SCBA set?
  22. What is HRU?
  23. Why we use HRU?
  24. Action if you see fire as a 3rd officer?
  25. How will you engage in Emergency steering?
  26. Content of SOLAS?
  27. What is Intact stability?
  28. What is MOB marker?
  29. Regulations of MOB marker?
  30. What is Lifebuoy?
  31. Requirements of life buoy?
  32. Diff types of life boat?
  33. What is Fire wallet?
  34. Content of fire wallet?
  35. ISPS code ?
  36. Diff between convention and code?
  37. What is the frequency of lifeboat drill?
  38. Frequency of fire drill?
  39. Frequency of enclosed space drill?
  40. Who is SSO ? What are his duties?
  41. Who is DPA and what are his duties?
  42. What is solas training manual where can it be found onboard?
  43. What are heeling tanks ?
  44. What is SART?
  45. What is EPIRB?
  46. Pyrotechnics number and types?
  47. What is LSA code?
  48. Who is the classification society?
  49. Name conventions of IMO
  50. minimum length of hose as per SOLAS?
  51. What is Damage Stablity?

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