Salary in merchant navy. How much different positions earn in the merchant navy?


This is one of the most common question that students search before coming into the merchant navy field. And everyone knows about the high salary that merchant navy offers. One might have heard comments such as “Bhai paisa chap raha hai (This person is printing money)”. Not wasting much of my readers time directly jumping to the question – How much Merchant navy officers get?

Merchant Navy salary

There is a hierarchy system at the top is the Captain and Chief engineer they earn maximum and as you go down the hierarchy system to Rating and Cadets (Deck and Engine) they get the lowest salary. Now One must note that salary largely depends on the type of vessel and the Company one is working in.

So let’s start with numbers now, We will start from the bottom of the hierarchy system. So the salary of Different Merchant Navy officers are as follows.


  1. Rating (300-500$ per Month)
  2. AB (around 750$ depending on seniority)
  3. Cadet (500-700$ per Month)
  4. Third Officer (2800–4000$ per Month)
  5. Second Officer (3400 – 5000$ per Month)
  6. Chief Mate (7000-10000$ per Month)
  7. Captain (9000-15000$ per Month)


  1. Cadet (500-700$ per Month)
  2. Oiler (750-1000$ per Month)
  3. Electrical officer (2500-4500$ per Month)
  4. 4th Engineer (2800-4000$ per Month)
  5. 3rd Engineer (3400 – 5000$ per Month)
  6. 2nd Engineer (7000-10000$ per Month)
  7. Chief Officer (9000-15000$ per Month)

The cook on board can earn somewhere around 900-3000$ per month. Depending on his experience, Knowledge, Quality, Reviews.

After knowing the salary you might want to join merchant navy now, To know more about merchant navy and to know how you can join merchant navy continue reading this article-

How to join the Merchant Navy.

In this section, we will be answering the following questions-

  • How to get into the merchant navy field?
  • Salary in merchant navy?
  • Collages in merchant navy?

You can join merchant navy after class 10th or after class 12

If you are joining the merchant navy after class 10 then you can go for G.P. Rating. You can start making money just after completing the 6-month course but that will not make you an officer. ( you can become an officer but the path is really difficult and will take a lot of years)

After class 12 you can give IMU CET EXAM and get into Collage either as a DNS cadet BSC in Nautical Science Cadet or A marine engineer. What is the difference between Bsc and DNS?

So now we have 2 departments Engine department and deck department. (BSc in NS and DNS are for Deck Department and marine Engineering is for Engine Department).

Now here you have to make a choice between Engineering and BSc

Writing everything about both the department will make the content very vast so i will put some of the Big Differences


Assuming you know what you want to do so its time to talk about college

To get into a college after class 12th you have to give imu CET (IMU stands for Indian Maritime University). To give some sample IMU CET tests click here.

IMU CET happens after your class 12th Boards so make sure following things are right for you

  • See the Criteria for how much marks you need in class 12th so that you can give IMU Cet. (I am not providing the exact number as that can change so better check before you appear for the exam.)
  • You must not be colour blind for deck cadet (ie for BSc and Dns).

After the results come you will have to make the college selection. On basis of your marks you will get a college. If you want to know this in detail comment below and will come back to you.

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