Boat rockerz 255 Giveaway


Eligibility for competition.

Hey everyone if you are redirected to us from our youtube partner Together Learner then click on the link below to register yourself for boat rockerz 255 giveaway.

link for registration                (form)

If you are our regular visitor click on the link below to register yourself .

link for registration                  (form)

How will we decide the WINNER-

10 people will be randomly selected from Youtube comment section.

10 forms will be randomly selected from this website. (On the basis of form you fill)

People coming common in both Will be our winner.

If Multiple winners we will either divide the amount and PhonePay the winners.

or try giving everyone boat rockerz 255 (That depends )

Explanation – 30 people commented on YouTube video we will select 10 people with interesting or random comments. example following are 10 selected person from youtube comment.

Mr A
Mr B
Mr C
Mr D
Mr E
Mr F
Mr G
Mr H
Mr I
Mr J

Imunotes (this website crew) will select 10 random people from the registration form you just filled , example

Mr H
Mr I
Mr J
Mr D
Mr K
Mr L
Mr M
Mr H
Mr N
Mr O

The winner will be Mr. D and Mr. H because they are common in both.

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