It is a portable device to be taken to life boat or life raft when abandoning.

Search and rescue transponder is a device that can locate ship or their survival craft when in distress.

It has a thermoplastic body of highly visible orange and yellow colour.

When interrogated by radar wave of X- BAND (3cm band)

SART gets triggered into transmitting a series of twelve 400 MiliWatt pulses.

This signal appears as a distinctive line of 12 blips on the PPI of the X band radar.

The signal extend outwards from the position of SART, along the line of bearing , for distance of 8 nautical mile on the PPI the gap between successive blips is 0.6 nautical mile.

When near blips change to wide arcs. They eventually turn to concentric circles when SAR unit is within about one nautical mile from the SART.

SART should be capable of following

  1. Manual activation and deactivation.
  2. Frequency range from 9.2 gigahertz to 9.5 gigahertz.
  3. Output power of not less than 400 milliwatts
  4. Should not get damaged by a drop into water (20m)
  5. Water-tight when submerged at depth of 10m for about 5 minutes.
  6. Should not get affected by sea water or oil
  7. Should work under the temperature -20 degree Celsius to + 55 degrees celsius.
  8. Should work for at least 96 hour in standby condition.
  9. should work for at least 8 hours when being continuously interrogated.

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