Ship construction MMD Orals


Click on the questions to get answers, We don’t claim we are giving you the perfect answer or the best answer we just want to help you with an answer that we think is right. (that might be wrong so please try answering the questions yourself and if you need a reference click on the question )

  1. Draw midship section of a bulk carrier.
  2. Draw the midship section of an oil tanker.
  3. What is the bulbous bow? State its regulations as per SOLAS.
  4. Hatch cover inspection?
  5. What are the stresses on a ship?
  6. what is the difference between Trim and List?
  7. What is racking?
  8. What is bilge keel and its purpose?
  9. On what vessel longitudinal framing and transverse framing are used in the double bottom? (Talk in terms of length of the ship)
  10. How water tightness of hatch covers are maintained?
  11. What are the types of bulkhead? What is watertight bulkhead and corrugated bulkhead?
  12. How testing of hatch cover is done?
  13. What are the types of rudder? Explain with diagram.
  14. How can we correct list of vessel?
  15. What is righting lever?
  16. What is parametric rolling?
  17. What are the pillars of IMO?
  18. COC is under which chapter of STCW?
  19. Name 20 certificates which are carried by ship.

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