1. What are the different types of merchant ships? Write short notes on any two types of
merchant ships.
2. Draw a compass card showing the compass points from North to West.
3. Write short notes on: (a) Safety goggle (b) Safety helmet (c) Safety shoes (d) Gloves
(e) Ear Muffs.
4. With suitable diagram, explain the parts of the life boat.
5. What are the LSA required to be carried on board ship as per SOLAS.
6. Describe the operation and refilling of a foam type portable fire extinguisher with a
suitable diagram.
7. (a) What is the purpose of having International shore connection on board?
(b) Give the various types of nozzles for fire hydrants held on board and their
8. What are the different types of fibre ropes and their respective
9. Write briefly about (a) Spun yarn (b) Oakum (c) Halliard (d) Marline
(e) Hemp.