SOLAS Requirements for Lifeboats



  1. The number of people onboard determines the capacity of the lifeboat, The lifeboat must be able to accommodate at least 125% of the number of crew and passenger.
  2. Every ship shall carry at least 2 lifeboats.
  3. The lifeboat of a cargo ship with 20,000 GT must be capable of launching when the ship’s speed is at 5 knots.
  4. The ship must carry a minimum of one rescue boat for rescue purposes in addition to the number of lifeboats. If more than one lifeboat is present onboard the ship, one of them can be designated as a rescue boat.
  5. The gravity davits must be held and slid down the lifeboat even when the ship is heeled at an angle of 15 degrees on either side. Ropes called gripes are used to hold the lifeboat with the cradle in the stowed position.
  6. The lifeboat should not descend at more than a speed of 0.6m/s or 36m/min. This speed is generally controlled by centrifugal brakes.
  7. The Lifeboats are to be painted with an internationally-approved bright orange color and the ship’s call sign is to be printed on it.


Magnetic Compass

The magnetic compass is important when navigating we will talk about this later in some other article – why we need a magnetic compass when we already have a gyrocompass. whenever we enter a lifeboat we compare the heading of the magnetic compass on the lifeboat with that on the bridge.

Food Rations and water.

Radar Reflector.

radar reflector.

Labeled cup

Fishing tackle. in life boat

Fishing tackle.

Day Signaling Mirror

Day Signaling Mirror

Waterproof Torch.

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