Stability Chapter 3 – Flotation

  1. A rectangular log of wood 8m long, 2m wide and 2m high floats in FW at a draft of 1.6m with one face of horizontal. Find its mass and RD.
  2. A rectangular log of wood 5m x 1.6m x1.0m weight 6t and floats with it largest face horizontal. Find its draft in SW and its RD.
  3. A rectangular log 3m broad and 2m high floats with its breadth horizontal. If the density of the log is 0.7 tm-3, find its draft In the water of RD 1.01.
  4. A cylinder 2m in diameter and 10 m log floats in FW, with its axis horizontal, at a draft of 0.6m. Find its mass.
  5. A barge of triangular cross-section is 20m long, 12m wide and 6m deep. It floats in SW at a draft of 4m. Find its displacement.
  6. A cylindrical drum of 1.2m diameter and 2m height float with it axis vertical in water of RD 1.016 at a draft of 1.4m. Find the maximum mass of lead shots that can be put in it with sinking it.
  7. A rectangular barge of 10 m long and 5m wide, floating in SW at a draft of 3m, is being lifted out of the water by a heavy-lift crane. Find the load on the crane when the draft has reduced to 1m.
  8. A rectangular box 2.4 m long, 1.2m wide and 0.8m high, floats in water of RD 1.012m at an even keel draft of 0.2m. find the maximum mass of SW that can be poured into it without sinking it.
  9. A box-shaped vessel of 18450 t displacement in 150m long and 20 m wide. Find its draft in SW.
  10. A box-shaped vessel 120m long and 15m wide is floating in DW of RD 1.005 at a draft of 5m. if her maximum permissible draft in SW in 6m, find how much cargo she can now load.

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