Surveys for assignments and retention of class


Fallowing are the surveys carried out for assignment and retention of class

  1. Initial Survey
  2. Renewal Survey
  3. Annual Survey
  4. Intermediate Survey
  5. Additional Survey
  1. Initial survey – An initial survey is an inspection of the design and construction of relevant structure, Machinery and equipment of ship to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the regulations and is fit for the service for which the ship is intended.
  2. Renewal survey – A renewal survey is an inspection of the structure, machinery and equipment as applicable to ensure that their condition remains in compliance with the requirements of the regulation. It is done on or before 5 years period of the certificate expiry date.
  3. Annual survey – General annual inspection of the relevant structure and equipment of the ship to confirm that it has been maintained in accordance with the regulation and remains satisfactory for the service for which it is intended.
  4. Intermediate survey – An inspection of specified items relevant to the particular certificate to confirm that they are in satisfactory condition and fit for the service for which the ship is intended. Depending upon the certification concerned and the age of ship, the scope may range from that of an annual survey to the equivalent of the renewal survey.
  5. Additional Survey – If there is significant repair and renewals are done on any of the machinery, System, and fittings then an additional survey is performed which can be general or partial, depending upon the conditions.

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