Causes for Loss of Anchor and Precautions to Prevent the loss of Anchor.

Causes for Loss of Anchor: The root cause of many groundings and collisions, lost anchors are among the top five reasons for claims costs. Anchor and chain loss can often lead to collisions and grounding, which can result in additional damage to a vessel.

1. Due to rough weather (at sea & harbour)
2. Breaking of cable, due to poor maintenance.
3. Getting fouled in the sea bottom (pipe line, cables, rocks)
4. Due to poor securing of anchor for sea

Precautions to Prevent loss of Anchor

  1. Check the anchor carefully when in dry-dock for wear and tear.
  2. Check the securing of the D-shackle pin as often as possible.
  3. Adjust the brake band when the lining is worn. Please read the instructions.
  4. Replace the brake lining when required, without delay.
  5. Check the condition of all devices for holding the anchor tight in the hawse pipe.
  6. Do not buy second-hand anchors or chains without certificates.
  7. Watch out for fake certificates. The price may be an indication.
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