Maritime Boundaries(Baseline, EEZ, territorial water, contiguous zone)

maritime boundary is a conceptual division of the Earth’s water surface areas using physiographic or geopolitical criteria. Without a figure, it is quite difficult to make someone understand this topic. Below is the diagram representing all of them. We already posted articles on EEZ, territorial water, contiguous zone if you want to read about them there is a link below the image.

Exclusive economic zone: EEZ

  • Max limit 200 miles from the baseline.
  • The coastal state has exclusive right to exploit living and non-living resources in its EEZ.
  • Can enact regulations on pollution and environment protection in it’s EEZ.
  • Has the exclusive right to construct artificial islands in its EEZ.
  • The exclusive right to fish.
  • Conduct scientific research in its EEZ. Exclusive economic zones, however, can not generate from an uninhabited island. These islands can only generate a territorial sea and contiguous zone.
  • Flag state vessels have the following rights and obligations in EEZ of other states: Freedom of navigation as in High seas. Lay submarine cable/ pipe lineObserve pollution control regulations of the coastal state fishing gear if carried must be in stowed /secured conditionRespect and comply with the 500 meters security zones of the offshore installations/ artificial islands of the coastal state.