Immediate action / Delayed action / Sequence of actions.

Immediate action

It is the action taken instantly after the accident, There is no Delay, The last known position of the person is well defined in this case so the manoeuvrer can focus on reaching the position as fast as possible.

Delayed action

It means that action was not taken instantly and there was a short interval between the beginning of the rescue action and accident. For example, this could happen when the eyewitness was not on the bridge, So it took time to inform the bridge about the Man overboard. In this case, the position of the man overboard is not exactly known but can be estimated to a very great extent.

Sequence to be followed when sighting man overboard:

  1. Shout ‘man overboard’ to alert the crew indicating the side ‘Port or Starboard’ the man has fallen.
  2. Sound 3 prolonged blast on the ship whistle and sound the general alarm.
  3. Release lifebuoy and smoke signal on the side of the MOB.
  4. Manovour as per recognized technique and with due regard to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.
  5. As soon as possible appoint a helmsman and activate hand steering.
  6. Keep eye on that person, If possible assign a person for this particular task So that he never gets out of sight.
  7. Press the MOB button on the GPS and simultaneously give wheel hard over to the sideman has fallen.
  8. Inform E/Room of the situation.
  9. Allocate a crewmember to point at the MOB in the water. Inform Master if already not on the bridge.
  10. Send a DSC distress alert and a Mayday.
  11. Hoist flag Oscar.
  12. Make RCC(rescue coordination center) aware if necessary.
  13. Keep pointing; don’t lose sight of the MOB. Post extra lookouts for the MOB.
  14. commence detailed log of emergency.
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