Lost INDos certificate? Get it back easily

What is INDos Certificate?

INDos number can be considered equivalent of a complete identity for every seafarer in India. It is a computerized national database that includes important information of every certified seafarer in India. This information has been compiled in a single database to make it easily accessible for statutory authorities like Flag State, Port State, employers and Immigration staff etc.

INDos certificate


If you somehow lose your INDos certificate and need that urgently we can help you with that. Just follow the steps below and you will get your certificate within minutes.

Step 1.

Log on to Directorate General of shipping website.

How to get your lost Indos certificate for free if you lost it

Step 2.

Click on E-Governance as shown in the image below. And then select E-Governance in the drop-down menu.

Lost your indos certificate?

Step 3.

On the upper left corner, you put your user ID and Password and log in. If you don’t have an account click on new user and create your account it will not take much time.

Get your indos certificate

Step 4.

Once you are logged in then, Select the Examination in the column under seafarer. As shown in the figure below.

Step 5.

Now click on “ Click to View and Print INDos Certificate (Which issued online) “. Just after clicking on that you will get your INDos certificate. Some times a blank page comes, in that case, try again after some time or contact dgshipping . Comment below if you get your certificate or if you had any issue we will reach you within a day.

Get INDos Certificate in 5 steps within a minute free of cost.
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