Interview Questions Synergy candidate 3

Questions Asked from JD Bose

The interview started Directly from Technical questions. Interview lasts for about 40-55 min.

  1. What is TRS and how it moves?
  2. What is Frontal depression draw its diagram.
  3. Nautical Almanac. (Similar questions as asked from other candidates)
  4. Rope Work
    • clove
    • reef
    • sheet
    • bowline

After this, some HR questions were asked.

  1. Tell me about your family
  2. why you joined Merchant Navy
  3. why no achievements, sports (As he left the column of achievement and sports blank)

Some More Technical Questions

  1. Cardinal marks
  2. Rule13
  3. SHA
  4. Mer pass
  5. Sunrise
  6. Meridian

Interview Questions SeaTeam Management


Abhinav was asked the following question
  • Tell me about your family.
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me what you studied in the last 3 years?
  • Equipment used on the bridge.
  • What you studied in chart work?
  • What is Running fix?

Question asked in the placement interview with Aditya Verma


  • Why do you want to join the merchant navy?
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Favorite subject
  • What is TRS
  • What is the cold and warm front?
  • Types of cloud?
  • Rule number 6
  • Rule number 13
  • What to do in case of MOB
  • What is stowage factor
  • Full form of
    • Marpol
    • STCW
    • IMO

Interview Questions MMSI candidate 2

Prashant Yadav was asked the following questions

Questions on HR was very less they only asked me Technical

  1. Fav subject
  2. Navigational equipment on the bridge.
  3. How to find the Position of a ship.
  4. GPS.
  5. If GPS fails -what will you do.
  6. Types of compass.
  7. Why gyrocompass.
  8. Variation and Deviation in detail, they asked many questions in different ways to confuse me.
  9. Why Variation is E-W?
  10. What is Sextant?
  11. How to use Sextant?
  12. When to use Sextant.
  13. ROR
    1. rule 19
    2. rule 5
    3. rule no.9 uses
  14. When you maintain lookout what all things you have to see?
  15. What is TPC? Explain it.
  16. What is FWA
  17. DWA

Interview Questions Synergy candidate 2

Interview Questions Synergy candidate 2

Interview Starts with HR round and then comes to Technical round, Interview Lasts for about 40-50 Minutes.

HR Questions

  • How to release stress?
  • Who is the best advisor?
  • Are you very emotional?
  • Who are you close to in your family?
  • Why chosen sea as a career?
  • The saddest moment of your life?
  • Embarrassing moment?
  • How many friends u have?

Now Technical Round

  • LHA
  • SHA
  • LHA of Saturn
  • The first point of Aries
  • Rational horizon
  • Rule 19 word to word
  • Rule 27
  • Nautical twilight
  • Civil twilight
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Ropes
    • Clove hitch
    • Bowline on waist
    • Single sheet bend
    • Double sheet bend
    • Single carrick
    • How to join two ropes

Interview Questions Synergy candidate 1

A Normal Interview lasts for about 35-50 minutes. Following are the questions asked by one of the Deck Cadet during the interview.

Interview Questions Merchant Navy

The interview starts with HR Questions. Some of them are –

  • Who are u close to?
  • Why did u join this career?
  • Why Not Family Bussiness?

After that Technical Round starts

  • Almanac
    • Gha
    • Twilight
    • Meaning of Black boxes
  • knots
    • Join two ropes.
    • bowline on waist.
  • Did u break rules?
  • Showed an image of Ship and asked about details
  • Aground light and sound.
  • CBD light and sound signal
  • Rule 28

Tips How to Answer Merchant Navy Interview

  1. Try staying calm and have something energetic before you face interview so that your brain works properly and you are able to recall everything as the interviewer will switch between topics and you have to recall everything.
    1. Remember you are qualified for the job so you are sitting in front of the interviewer. They are here to take you if they think you are fit for the Job. So don’t get nervous.
  2. You pass or fail that is upto you and being nervous can only put a negative impact. So try being confident and that can happen only if
    1. You have read everything (so be well prepared).
    2. Don’t think too much that this is the only choice and you need the Job. You will have a lot of opportunities after that also keep this in mind this thought will definitely help.
    3. Dress well, If you look better than other people sitting for interview then that will boost your morale and even the interviewer will feel good about that.
  3. Job at sea is tough don’t say the following thing at the interview
    1. I am here for the money (As this will mean you will leave your company for more money).
    2. I feel lonely or i have never stayed away from my home (If you say this the interviewer will get into this ask you several questions and in his mind, he will make a bad image of you as not fit for sea).
    3. I can only eat a specific type of food( this statement shows that you can be a burden to the ship crew).
    4. I had some fractures in the past don’t tell this yourself until they ask you (why to point at negatives?)
  4. Answer only those questions that you know well, Don’t just keep guessing the answer that irritates the interviewer and will have a negative impact. You can just say that i don’t remember the answer right now and i will go through that after the interview or just say i don’t feel i have adequate knowledge to comment on that.
  5. The interviewer also gave an interview at some moment in his life so he knows well how you feel, so he won’t mind if you did not know some of the answers but your basics must be clear.
  6. Infield of merchant navy, you must know the following things before the interview.
    1. ROR (rule no. 1-19 word by word ) for the best result. If you remember the rules you will have a very good chance of getting selected so on your part i will say remember the rules.
    2. Definitions of navigation and stability. for example, some of them are
      1. Latitude, Longitude, the axis of Earth, Equinox,
      2. SHA, GHA, LHA
      3. GM
      4. Trim
      5. Parallax
      6. Variation, Deviation, Compass error
      7. go through the questions they have asked earlier, you can find that in this website also.
      8. Equation of time, Seasons, sunrise, moonrise, sunset etc.
      9. Advancing and retarding of time at sea.
    3. Ropework (remember some of the common knots).
  7. Comment below if you want to know anything more .