This assists in planning port calls to over 9700 global commercial ports and terminals.Volume 1 and 2 consists of port information laid out in logical sequences across 70 heading including:-

  • Pre-arrival,arrival,communication,berthing operation,cargo pollution,facilities,securities,local information,shore,crew,general.

Volume 3 and 4 provide usable and detailed port plans and mooring diagrams,invaluable to ship-masters approaching unfamiliar port and berths.

Plans are available in 6 categories for easy interference:-

  1. Country plans: showing the location of ports
  2. Port location: location of and approach to,ports,harbour and terminals
  3. Berth location: berth no. And locations
  4. Berthing diagrams: individual berth and mooring arrangements.
  5. Berth equipments: including cranes,manifold,chiksan,FFA,fendering and much more.
  6. Ship-master’s plan: drawing plans as supplied by ship masters, officers, superintendant and other authoritative sources.
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