Registration of Indian Ships; Section 20 to 74


This Part applies to sea-going ships fitted with mechanical means of propulsion, except fishing vessels.


A ship shall not be deemed to be an Indian ship unless it is owned wholly by persons, each of whom satisfies the following description:

  1. Citizen of India, or
  2. The company, established by any Central or State Act, which has its principal place of business in India, as defined in section 3 of the Companies Act 1956, or
  3. Co-operative society registered under the Co-operative Societies Act 1912 or any other law relating to co-operative societies in force in any State.
  4. Company has to be registered under the said Act or any other earlier acts. It could either
  5. be a private or a public company.
  6. A private company —
    1. • restricts right to transfer its shares,
    2. • limits the number of its members to 50, and
    3. • prohibits the public from subscribing for shares in it.
  7. • A public company is one which is not a private company.• Co-operative society has to be registered with the Registrar appointed by the State government. Its objective is the promotion of the economic interests of its members in accordance with co-operative principles.


Every Indian ship, unless its NT ≤ 15 tons and is employed solely in navigation on the coasts of India, shall be registered with the Principal Officer of MMD.


Following documents shall be submitted by the owner to the Registrar • Declaration of ownership containing the following information:

  1. Particulars of the ship
  2. When and where the ship was built.
  3. Particulars of its previous registry.
  4. Name of the Master and his certificate number. (Registry Rules)
  5. The number of shares owned by the declarer.
  6. Property of a ship is divided into maximum 10 shares and each share can be jointly owned by maximum 5 persons. Sec. 25
  7. Signed in the presence of any one of the following : (Registry Rules)
    1. Special Executive Magistrate
    2. Commissioner of Oaths
    3. Indian Consular Officer (CO)
  8. Builder’s certificate containing the particulars of the ship. It is not required if the ship has been built outside India. If a false statement is made in this certificate, fine Rs.1000.
  9. Permission of D.G. Shipping if the ship is built outside India. (Registry Rules).
  10. Certificate of survey signed by a surveyor appointed by the Registrar, certifying the tonnage and full particulars of the ship.
  11. Name of the ship, as proposed by the owner and approved by D.G. Shipping. (Registry Rules).
  12. Allotment of Official number and Call sign by D.G. Shipping. (Registry Rules)


  1. Name of the ship
  2. Official number
  3. No., date, and ports of present and previous registry
  4. When and where built
  5. Name and address of the builders
  6. Particulars of the propulsion machinery as follows :
    1. Type of propulsion
    2. Number and description of engines
    3. When and where manufactured
    4. Name and address of the manufacturer
    5. Number and diameters of the cylinders
    6. Length of the stroke
    7. Propulsion power
    8. Estimated speed of the ship
    9. Number of shafts
    10. Number, description and loaded pressure of the boiler
  7. Number of decks
  8. Type of stem and stern
  9. Material of construction
  10. Number of bulkheads
  11. Length, breadth and moulded depth amidships
  12. GT and NT
  13. Endorsement of change of the Master and his certificate number. Sec. 37
  14. Name, address and occupation of each owner
  15. Number of shares held by each owner
  16. Number of crew for whom the accommodation is certified (Excluding Master)

Other sections

  • 31. The entry of particulars in register book.
  • 32. Documents to be retained by the registrar .
  • 33. Power of Central Government to inquire into title of Indian ship to be so registered.

Then section 34 to 41 talks about “Certificate of registry”. Then from 42 to 54 section talks about “Transfers of ships, shares, etc.”. Then Section 55 is about ” Rules as to name of ship.” Section 56 – 62 is about “Registry of alterations, registry anew and transfer of registry “

63-67 – National character and flag

68-74 – Miscellaneous

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