This is a sample paper similar to what we think will come in synergy written paper. Rules before you start .

  1. As you click the link below in red color you will go to the test page. Fill the email and name part and after that scroll down to give the test. As you scroll down a timer will start that will stop after you click submit button or you are out of time.
  2. Give the correct email to get your rank and percentile.(Otherwise, give a fake one we don’t care.)
  3. Remember you are only allowed to give this test once. There are more tests coming you can try them next time.
  4. +1 for correct answer, -0.25 for wrong and 0 for no response.
  5. USE MOBILE DATA TO GIVE THE TEST, OTHERWISE, YOU CAN FACE “ONLY ONE ATTEMPT ALLOWED MSG ” . ( As college wifi has same IP for all its student. )

Give test

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