How to Fill CRB or TAR book

How to get a TAR book or CRB(Cadet Record Book).

Before going on board you need to go to the CMMI(The company of master mariners of India) to collect your TAR Book. Before going CMMI make sure you made your company or Collage email CMMI office. Once your company or college emailed CMMI you can go and collect CRB from the office. It is hardly a hour work.

Where is CMMI ?

Here is the official website

Click on this link to get the location of CMMI Mumbai

How to fill CRB / How to Fill Tar book.

After taking the TAR book make sure you remember the Number on the cover that is important.

This video can help you guys know how to fill TAR book or Cadet Record book. Let me know of this video was helpful.

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