Action in case of Engine Room fire at sea

  • Raise the alarm. Inform the master
  • Reduce the vessels speed & Engage manual steering.
  • Display NUC ( NOT UNDER COMMAND) lights,
  • Weather reports, open communication with other vessels in the vicinity and send urgency signal.
  • Close all ventilation, fire and watertight doors.
  • Muster all crew- take a head count.
  • Emergency fire p/p running.
  • Isolate all electrical units.
  • Commence boundary cooling.
  • Fight fire by conventional means.
  • Main fire party to be properly equipped.
  • Back up party ready at all times.
  • C/O not to enter as he monitors progress and communication with the bridge
  • Proper communication between bridge and engine room.
  • Keep bridge informed accordingly of the sequence of events.
  • At all times firefighters to be well equipped with breathing apparatus and fireman suit.
  • Checks on the apparatus must be carried out prior to entering space.
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