Working in Heavy Weather.

Working in heavy weather.
Officer of the watch should monitor the weather forecast and observe metrological conditions prevailing. When heavy weather is predicted or expected the officer of the watch should :

  • Inform master
  • Inform chief officer
  • Inform in the engine room
  • Inform crew
  • Inform gallery
  • adjust course and speed as required to minimize the impact.
  • Engage manual steering
  • Consider seeking shelter
  • Monitor weather forecasts / weather experienced
  • Close watertight doors
  • Monitor effect of heavy weather at regards stress, watertight integrity etc.
  • the officer of the watch should ensure that steps have been undertaken to secure
  • Deck
  • Gallery
  • Engine room
  • Storeroom
  • Safety line rigged, if applicable and inform master if these are confirmed.
  • SOLAS requirement to issue TRS warning must be observed.

Management of own vessel in heavy weather

  1. verify vessels position and considered routing.
  2. Update weather report and pilot storm movement.
  3. Stability- avoid slack tank and eliminate free surface.
  4. Rig lifeline Forward and aft.
  5. Warn all departments of heavy weather.
  6. Close up deck vents.
  7. Check cargo lashing :- heavy lift, deck cargo, hazardous cargo.
  8. Check deck securing, anchor life boat watertight doors.
  9. Secure all cranes and derricks.
  10. Batten down all Deck lights.
  11. Clear all deck of surplus gear.
  12. Flying can of signal and whistle halyards.
  13. Remove all ownings.