Taking over a Anchor Watch


Following are the points for Taking over anchor watch and maintaining an effective anchor watch, This question is asked to 2MFG candidates in Function 1 oral.

  1. Go to the bridge 15 min early.
  2. Follow the Master’s Standing Orders and sign the night order book – this is the first thing to be done according to a lot of surveyors.
  3. Check for the anchor position (How is the cable leading).
  4. Stablish the swinging circle and draw it on chart or ECDIS
  5. Cheek at sufficiently frequent intervals whether the ship is remaining securely at anchor by taking bearings of fixed navigation marks or readily identifiable shore objects.
  6. Keep a Check on your own Ship and other Ships in the Vicinity (Distance between vessels, If the nearby vessel is dragging anchor, Other vessel is putting anchor in or near the swinging circle of own vessel.)
  7. Ensure that a proper lookout is maintained.
  8. Ensure that the state of readiness of the main engines and the other machinery is in accordance with the master’s instructions.
  9. Ensure that the ship exhibits the appropriate lights and shapes and that appropriate sound signals are made in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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