Taking over navigational watch at night and soon after taking over the watch.

  1. Go to the chart room 15 min early.
  2. Don’t see any bright thing that can take away your low light visibility for some time.
  3. Check the course to steer during the watch. The course must be actually verified not merely inspected.
  4. Anticipate times and position for alterations of course.
  5. Distances to pass off dangers.
  6. Inspect the TSS in the locality.
  7. Read, Understand and sign the Master’s Bridge Order book.
  8. Inspect tachometer ( Tachometer shows the engine RPM)
  9. Inspect the Light sentinel.
  10. Inspect the course recorder.
  11. Ensure VHF is Switched on and switch to channel 16.
  12. Identify any shore light that may be in sight.
  13. Understand the movement of all traffic insight.
  14. If radar is in use, get familiar with the picture.

Soon after taking over the watch

  1. Compare compasses.
  2. check sounding by echo sounder.
  3. Check the position and course as plotted by the outgoing officer is correct.
  4. Discuss the outgoing officer regarding any important unusual or interesting event that may have occurred during his watch.
  5. Read the log entries made by the outgoing officers before he leaves the bridge.

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