Types of container based on size, material of construction and usage.



DRY STORAGE CONTAINER, copyrights imunotes.in

The most commonly used shipping containers. Comes in various dimensions standardized by ISO. They are used for shipping dry materials and come in the size of 20ft, 40 ft.


Reefer container, copyrights imunotes.in

Reefer containers looks same as the Dry storage container, The only difference is the face of the container which looks like the white container in the above image.

These are temperature-regulated shipping containers that always have a carefully controlled low temperature. They are exclusively used for the shipment of perishable substances like fruits, vegetables, meat etc.


TANK CONTAINER – TYPES OF CONTAINERS, copyrights imunotes.in
TANK CONTAINER – TYPES OF CONTAINERS, copyrights imunotes.in

Tank containers come in both sizes 20 feet as well as 40 feet, above image is a 20 feet tank container.

Container storage units are used mostly for the transportation of liquid materials, they are used by a huge proportion of the entire shipping industry. They are mostly made of strong steel or other anti-corrosive materials providing them with long life and protection to the materials.


Gear box of container vessel, copyrights imunotes.in

Gear box contains twist locks of container vessel, once the vessel arrives at port these gearboxes are lowered to the jetty and used by shore team to fit on the loading containers.

They are not a type of container which is used to transport clients good but it is used to carry ships gear.


SPECIAL PURPOSE CONTAINERS, http://www.armpol.com/

Not the ordinary containers, these are the container units, custom-made for specialized purposes. Mostly, they are used for high-profile services like the shipment of weapons and arson.


Car carriers are container storage units made especially for the shipment of cars over long distances. They come with collapsible sides that help a car fit snugly inside the containers without the risk of being damaged or moving from the spot.


7. FLAT RACK CONTAINER , copyrights imunotes.in

With collapsible sides, these are like simple storage shipping containers where the sides can be folded so as to make a flat rack for shipping a wide variety of goods. They are also called OOG (Out of Gauge Cargo).

Transporting out of gauge cargo can be a costly affair as it involves additional costs. The out of shape cargo eats into space that could have been used for other cargo.

When an OOG cargo is loaded on the deck or below-deck of a cargo carrier, neither can another container be placed and secured to the twist-locks on the adjacent sides of it nor can containers be placed on top of the OOG cargo, as in flat racks and platform containers.

8. Double doors container

They are a kind of storage unit that is provided with double doors, making a wider room for loading and unloading of materials. Construction materials include steel, iron etc in standardized sizes of 20ft and 40ft.

9. Half-height containers

image credits – https://www.271-containers.com/

Another kind of shipping container includes half height containers. Made mostly of steel, these containers are half the height of full-sized containers. Used especially for good like coal, stones etc which need easy loading and unloading.

10. Tunnel container

image credits – https://www.qubecontainers.co.uk/

Container storage units are provided with doors on both ends of the container, they are extremely helpful in quick loading and unloading of materials.

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