Types of hatch covers


The main objective of Hatch covers is to prevent the ingress of water into the cargo hold. As ingress of water can damage the cargo in the hold. Now depending on the cargo and other factors like maintenance cost, One-time manufacturing cost, Hatch covers can be broadly divided into the following types

  • Lifting type
  • Rolling type
  • Folding type
  • Sliding-type
  • Roll stowing type
lifting type hatch cover. image credit marinoph.org
Folding type hatch cover, image credit sms-sme.com

Sliding-type hatch cover, image credit www.blommaertalu.com

Rolling type:

The side rolling types, operated hydraulically, are used on bulk carriers and operate/stow in a transverse direction. The pontoons move on a pair of transverse ramps. look at the image

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