Types of Marine Steam Boiler


Types of Marine Steam Boiler

a    Water Tube Boiler                     b      Fire Tube Boiler /

                                                                                       Smoke Tube Boiler /

                                                                                        Tank Boiler /

                                                                                         Donkey Boiler

Water Tube Boiler – Foster Wheeler

Construction & Operation                                                        

                                                                                                         High Pressure Boiler

Used as a Main Boiler

It is used to  supply steam

to Turbine (ME), COPT, etc




Smoke Tube Boiler / Fire tube Boiler / Tank Boiler / Donkey Boiler 

Cochran (Vertical )

(Composite with ME Exhaust Gas Boiler)

Construction &Operation


Low Pressure Boiler

                                                                                                             Used as an Auxiliary Boiler

It is used to supply Steam

to F.O. Heater, F.O Tank

Heating, etc

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers /

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger /

Exhaust Gas Boiler  /

Exhaust Gas Economiser

Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas is used to generate Steam

i.e. Heat from the Exhaust Gas (Waste Heat Energy) is recovered

Plant Efficiency is Improved

(i)Composite Cochran Boiler

(Smoke Tube Boiler composite with M.E Exhaust Gas boiler)

(shown in previous slide)

(ii) Water Tube Boiler combined with M.E Exhaust Gas Boiler

(shown in next slide)