Types of Pumps


Types of Pumps


Displacement Pumps                                                       Centrifugal Pump

Flow of Liquid through the pump                               Flow of Liquid through the pump

(suction to discharge) is due to                                   (suction to discharge) is due to

Mechanical Variation of the Volume                          Centrifugal Force imparted  to

of the Chamber(s)                                                            the Liquid by the Rotation of the

Impellers (s)

Self-Priming                                                                    Not Self-Priming

(Must be Primed by Gravity (or) by a Priming Equipment)


Reciprocating                                                                          Radial Flow Pump (Single-Stage/Multi-Stage)

Piston Pump (Single /Double Acting)                        Axial Flow / Straight Flow / Propeller Pump

                                                                                                           ( Single Stage)


Gear pump or Gear Wheel Pump

Screw Pump or Screw Displacement Pump

Trochoid Gear Pump