Unit 3 Ship Reporting System.


Various countries have their own search and rescue system or reporting system.
AMVRS – Automated mutual vessel reporting system
INSPIRES – Indian ship positions reporting system.
AUSREP – Australian ship reporting system.


This is a supplementary and an advanced computerized system designed to contribute to safety of life/timely search and rescue operations at sea.This system is operated and maintained by the Indian Coast guard through their Maritime rescue coordination centre at Mumbai.
All Indian ships of 100 GRT and above entering into or transiting through the Indian search and rescue reason shall participate in the INDSAR reporting system.

All ships other than Indian ships of 300 and above in or transitting through the above region are encouraged to participate in the INDSAR reporting system.

All ships 100 GRT and above irrespective of the flag carrying a nuclear or other inherently dangerous on noxious substances material entering into or transitting the Indian search and rescue reason are encouraged to participate in the the INDSAR reporting system for safety.

All ships of 20 years and above irrespective of the flag are advised to send the relevant reporting under INDSAR within Indian search and rescue region.

The format of report or reporting shall confirmed to ship reporting guidelines prescribed in IMO resolution A.851(26) and special edition of Indian notice to mariners no. 8.


In order to exercise effective open Ocean vessel management, to provide security to vessel, weather forecast to enhance safety of navigation and monitor incidents of pollution from ship engaged in the carriage of hazardous cargoes.
Indian Navy in co-ordination with the directorate general of shipping established an Indian ship position and information reporting system (INSPIRES) with effect from 1st November 1986. This reporting system has a wide area of coverage in the Indian ocean. The main objective of the system is open Ocean vessel management for the security of all vessels navigating in Arabian sea/bay of Bengal.


  1. Sailing plan(SP) – Before or as near as possible to the time of departure from a port within system or when entering the area covered by a system.
  2. Position reporting(PR) – when necessary to ensure the effective operation of the system.
  3. Deviation report (DR) – when the ship’s position varies significantly from the position that would have been predicted from the previous reports, when charging the reported route or as decided by the master.
  4. Final report (FR) – On arrival at destination and when leaving the area covered by a system.
  5. DANGEROUS GOODS REPORT (DG) – when an incident takes place involving the loss or likely loss overboard of package dangerous goods including those in freight container, portable tanks, road and rail vehicles and Shipborne barges, into sea.
  6. Harmful substance report (HS) – when incident takes place involving the discharge on probable discharge of oil (annexure 1 of marpol 73/78)
  7. Marine pollutant report (MP) – in the case or likely loss of overboard of harmful substances impact form including those in fried containers, portable tanks, road and rail vehicles and ship borne barges identified in the international Maritime dangerous goods called as Marine pollutants.
  8. Any other report.
    any other report should made in accordance with the system procedures. Details of types of ship and area of applicability of time and geographical positions from submitting reports of solar establishment reasonable reasonable for operation of the system and of the the service provided should be clearly specified.
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