What is a Fire Wallet and the Contents of a Fire Wallet? updated 2021

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Why we need a fire wallet?

What happens when we have fire on board? We get into Teams muster and try to fight that fire right? When we have professional firefighters in that case, it’s better they fight fire instead of seafarers but fighting fire in an unknown environment is difficult so they need information about the ship like Ventilation plan, Fire fighting equipment plan and many more things that you can see in points below-

A fire Wallet is one of the very important document. When we have fire fighters onboard we need to hand over the fire wallet to them which contain the following informations (contents of fire wallet.)

Contents of a fire Wallet-

  • General Arrangement plan.
  • Shell expansion plan.
  • Ventilation plan.
  • Fire fighting equipment plan.
  • Position of all watertight doors.
  • Stability information, cargo plan cargo manifest- if dangerous goods carried.
  • Crews list.
  • Electric data.
  • A cargo plan with any dangerous cargo being specifically mentioned


Where is a fire wallet situated ? How to identify a firewallet ?

The Firewallet is situated in the Gangway both port and starboard side. We can identify it by its Brillient red colour. It is a upside down pipe like structure which is watertight. It is inverted so that it dont get affected by rain and moisture. Image above shows a fire wallet. (also called fire plan.)


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