what are the cargo informations required before loading?

  1. The cargo officer must be informed about the chemical name of the cargo to enable the appropriate safety data sheet to be consulted in the tanker safety guide.
  2. Quantity of cargo and respective weight.
  3. Clearance on quantity control must be checked.
  4. The temperature of cargo at the loading stages and also during the carriage stage.
  5. Tank coating must be compatible with the cargo.
  6. Chemical properties like corrosive property must be known before loading.
  7. Electrostatic Properties can be acquired by some chemicals. This must be kept in mind.
  8. The possibility of fire and explosion should be checked as 50% of chemicals carried are derived from hydrocarbon.
  9. The level of toxicity of the chemical, If toxic vapor are character of the cargo.
  10. Reactivity with water and other cargo.
  11. Emergency procedures should be known.
  12. Incapability with other cargos should be noticed before loading.

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