What are the markings on the lifeboat?


This is another frequently asked question and everyone needs to be prepared for answering this question before you face any Exam.

In the image below you can see the markings on the lifeboat of vessel Ever Greet(One of the largest container vessel.)

  1. Starting from the Top of the life boat we have IMO number, Name of the vessel and also the life boat number as you can see in the image below IMO number is 9832729, Name of vessel is Ever Greet and Lifeboat number is 2.
Marking on top of life boat.
All rights reserved to imunotes.in

2. Now lets have a look on side of a life boat

  • If it is a lifeboat or a rescue boat, In this case it can be used for both the purpose so its written Life / Rescue boat.
  • Below that we also have the name of Vessel.
  • Flag of the vessel – In this case PANAMA FLAG. (We have this marking on both sides.)
  • Maximum capacity – Maximum number of people it can have.
  • Diamension of the life boat. (Last image of the post shows the dimensions).
marking on life boat. All rights reserved to imunotes.in

marking on life boat. All rights reserved to imunotes.in

These markings are done as per SOLAS Regulations

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