What is classification society and Various Classification societies and IACS :-


what is a class ?

Class defines a technical and safety standards of a ship, which reflects the risk of insuring ship.

Reasons to class a ship –

  1. Determination of fitness.
  2. Meet requirement of Jurisdiction.
  3. Possible lower insurance premiums.
  4. Indicates due negligence.
  5. Indicates proper maintenance is performed.
  6. Owner Satisfaction.

What is Classification Society :-

  1. A classification society is a non-government organisation that establishes and maintain technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures.
  2. A classification society certifies that the construction of a vessel complies with relevant standards and carry out a regular survey to ensure compliance with standards.
  3. Currently, more than 50 organisations describe their activities as including marine classification, 12 of which are member of international association of classification society.
  4. A classification society also issue International load line certificates in accordance with the legislation of participating states giving effect to the international convention to load lines.

Various Classification societies and IACS :-

The International Association of Classification Societie’s (IACS) is a technically based non-governmental organization that currently consists of twelve member marine classification societies. More than 90% of the world’s cargo-carrying ships tonnage is covered by the classification standards set by member societies of IACS.

IACS provides a forum within which the member societies can discuss, research and adopt technical criteria that enhance maritime safety.

Source – wikipedia

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