What is the bulbous bow? State its regulations as per SOLAS.


One of the odd-looking structures that we can find on the ship is its Bulbous bow. When a person who dosent have knowledge about vessels is asked to draw a ship they will rarely draw a structure like the bulbous bow on the ship.

Ram Bow (Image Credits : S*anner 06n2ey / wikipedia)

So why we have a bulbous bow?

When the ship is moving in water the forward most tip of the vessel disturbs the water in front of it creating a wave. Back in class 11 and 12 we studied that when two waves meet which are out of phase they tend to cancel each other, And when two waves that are in same phase meet sticks together and increases the amplitude. For the same reason when the forward tip of the ship makes a wave we try to cancel it to reduce drag.
The destructive interference results in reduced wave-making of the ship, and which further reduces the wave-making drag of the hull form.

Image credit

State its regulations as per SOLAS. (Please help others if you find this answer comment.)

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