Difference between Raster and Vector chart

  1. In Raster chart Entire chart is saved in one layer whereas in vector chart, information is saved in many layers.
  2. In Raster chart customisation is not possible. Whereas in vector chart can be designed as per the requirement of the user.
  3. Raster chart is Direct copy of paper chart whereas Vector chart is a computer generated charts.
  4. Raster Chart appears cluttered, Whereas In vector chart cluttering can be avoided.
  5. In Raster chart information can be only added only, Whereas in vector chart information can be added as well as subtracted.
  6. In Raster chart Interrogation for information is not possible. In vector chart
    Interrogation for information is possible.
  7. In Raster chart Display Regeneration takes time, In case of vector chart Display regeneration is faster.
  8. In Raster chart safety depth, Entering TSS, etc alarm is not possible Whereas in Vector chart Alarm is possible.
  9. In Raster chart same colour and symbol as per paper chart. Whereas in Vector chart symbols and colours as per IMO publication.
  10. In Raster chart Scale of chart cannot be changed, Whereas in Vector chart we can change scale.
  11. Raster chart’s are simple and cheaper to produce and easily available whereas Vector charts are costly and time consuming to produce.
  12. Worldwide coverage is possible in Raster chart, Worldwide coverage will take time.
  13. Memory requirement is higher in case of Raster chart.
  14. In Raster chart during look ahead /review other charts will be on different scale. Whereas in Vector chart during ahead /review all charts will be on same scale.
  15. Raster chart is a single layer, No info can be lost or ignored, Whereas in Vector chart Loss of info or ignorance of a layer is possible.
  16. Raster chart – seamless chart is not possible, Vector chart seamless chart is feature.
  17. For permanent correction in Raster chart the chart has to be replaced. In case of vector chart only ENC Database is corrected

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