In this article we will know about

  1. Chocks
  2. Fairlead
  3. Bits & Bollard

1. Chocks

Based on their design and construction, some of the types are:

  • Closed Chocks
  • Open Chocks
  • Panama Chocks
  • Mooring pipes
  • Triangular chocks

They are more like holes or rings with side reinforcement directly connected to the bulwark, through which the lines passing get intermediate support and are guided to the external point of attachment. Depending on the requirement of ship, either of the types is used or a combination of both. Closed chocks, Panama chocks, and triangular chocks can be both decks mounted or bulwark type.

2. Fairlead

In the above image you can see Multi roller Fairlead, The rollers are used to pass the rope without significant friction.

3. Bits and Bollard


Bitts are paired vertical wooden or metal posts mounted either aboard a ship or on a wharf, pier or quay. The posts are used to secure mooring lines, ropes, hawsers, or cables. Where as the bollard is the single structure.

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