Care and maintenance of Fireman’s outfit

Care and Maintenance

The following checks are to be carried out on the breathing apparatus:

  • Check the pressure of air cylinders and recharge if the pressure drop is more than 10% (of full pressure)
  • Tally the mark on the cylinder with the cylinder certificate
  • Check the harness for damages and replace, where required
  • Buckle and strap the face mask for ease of operation
  • Wash the face mask with light soapy solution and rinse with fresh water
  • Smear rubber parts with a thin layer of paraffin wax
  • Check the operation of the demand and exhale valve
  • Check for any audible leaks within the system and rectify, if required
  • Carry out a low pressure test to check if the audible alarm is functional
  • Carry out the face mask sealing test
  • Check the condition of the life line and replace, if found damaged
  • Pressure testing of cylinders to be carried out as per flag state requirements.

Clothing and Accessories

The following checks are to be carried out on the fireman’s outfit: Ensure that fire resistant jackets and trousers are free from tear and damages

  • Ensure that fasteners of jackets and trousers are in good condition
  • Ensure that boots and hand gloves are free from damages
  • Ensure that the helmet is free from cracks and the visor is clean
  • Ensure that the safety lamp is intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous atmospheres
  • Ensure that charged batteries last for at least 3 hours continuously
  • Ensure that spare batteries and bulbs are available onboard
  • Ensure that the insulation of the fire axe handle is not damaged to prevent electric shocks
  • Sharpen the edges of axes and smear with paraffin jelly to prevent corrosion.

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