Fleet interview questions

In general, the fleet asks significantly less number of questions and decides whom to offer placement. The interview in general lasts for about 10-15 min only.

Here are some of the question sets asked to candidates.

Candidate 1

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. CBD signal
  3. Geographical range, Nominal Range, Luminous Range
  4. Crossing Situation
  5. Marpol Annex (iv)

Candidate 2

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. 3 Sensors of ECDIS
  3. Explain ECDIS
  4. Sextant Alt and True Alt?
  5. Gyro Compass?
  6. Zenith Distance?
  7. What is Altitude?

Candidate 3

  1. Neutral Equilibrium condition?
  2. Tander vessel.
  3. Rule 19 (word by word).
  4. Fathers Occupation?
  5. Gross tonnage and Net Tonnage.
  6. Stowage Factor.

words from admin, Before any interview, rule 3,5,6,13,15,19 word by word and if you have sufficient time don’t take any risk learn all 2-19 word by word.

Candidate 4

  1. Tell me about ECDIS.
  2. Tell me about ARPA.
  3. Passage plan.
  4. Tell us about your Home town.
  5. Introduction.

Candidate 5

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Lifeboat/Raft launching.
  3. Pyro Technique.
  4. Devit life raft
  5. Scholarship (why not after)
  6. How many life rafts are onboard?

Candidate 6

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is an Epirb?
  3. What is a Sart?
  4. Why did you join the merchant navy?
  5. You are rich you will leave this field soon?

Candidate 7

  1. Tell me about Epirb
  2. How will you start a Sart?
  3. Entry in Enclosed space
  4. What is the use of load line?

Candidate 8

  1. ROR Condition
  2. Types of Fire fighting system and was asked to explain about Fixed CO2 System.
  3. Head-on situation?
  4. Favorite sports?
  5. Achievement?
  6. Use of Load line mark?
  7. What is time zone?
  8. What is IDL?
  9. India’s time zone ?
  10. what is IALA?
  11. Head on and Crossing Situation.

Candidate 9

  1. What is FWA?
  2. How do Deviation and Variation change?
  3. What is GP?
  4. Explain GP
  5. What is flotation?
  6. Recent News about cricket
  7. Cardinal Points
  8. Air Pollution and Regulation
  9. Types of cargo carried by ships?
  10. Number of lifeboats carried?
  11. What is Radar?
  12. Use of Loadline mark(This question was also asked the next year in 2018 and Nobody gave a satisfactory answer.)
  13. Where is loadline located?
  14. Equipments on the Bridge?

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