Interview questions for placement as a deck cadet in MMSI, Interview lasted for food 30-40 minutes and interviewers were helpful.

1nd candidate

  1. Name and Marks In 10th 12th PCM BSc
  2. Favorite subject – I told Navigation
    1. Small problem on finding the compass error
  3. From Stability
    1. What is GM
    1. Uses of GM
  4. ROR situation- Crossing Situation.
  5. how do we know/ plot our ship position/ methods- I told all methods but he asked about the modern method then He asked GPS and Radar
  6. Whether we can plot our ship position from radar- I told sometimes but mostly used for preventing collision and maintaining our course
  7. List out some bridge equipment
  8. Where is Japan?

HR Questions came Next

  1. Strength
  2. Weakness
  3. About Family
  4. why you joined merchant navy
  5. Why you joined IMU.

2nd candidate

  1. Fav subject
  2. Navigational equipment on the bridge.
  3. How to find the Position of a ship.
  4. GPS.
  5. If GPS fails -what will you do.
  6. Types of compass.
  7. Why gyrocompass.
  8. Variation and Deviation in detail, they asked many questions in different ways to confuse me.
  9. Why Variation is E-W?
  10. What is Sextant?
  11. How to use Sextant?
  12. When to use Sextant.
  13. ROR
    1. rule 19
    1. rule 5
    1. rule no.9 uses
  14. When you maintain lookout what all things you have to see?
  15. What is TPC? Explain it.
  16. What is FWA
  17. DWA

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