Difference between steam turbine and gas turbine.

Sl. NoSteam TurbineGas Turbine
1Uses high pressure steam as the working fluidUses air or some other gas as the working fluid.
2It is a device consisting of only the turbineUses high-pressure steam as the working fluid
3It is only a component (executes one step of the Rankine cycle)It is a device consisting of a compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine
4Delivers torque as the work outputDelivers torque or thrust as the work output
5Efficiency is lessEfficiency is more
6Low Operating Temperatures 5500CHigh Operating Temperatures 15000C
7More space is required (for installing boilers and heat exchangers which are connected externally for heat additionLess Space required
8Water (Steam) (working Fluid will not be available readily every whereIt is an engine (that executes the whole Brayton cycle 

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