Entires made in the cargo record book

What are the entries made in the cargo record book?

Loading and Discharging of cargo

  1. Port of loading and discharging.
  2. Cargo to be loaded and Discharged.
  3. Quantity of cargo to be loaded and discharged.
  4. The lineup for intended operations.
  5. Pumps to be used / Loading rate.
  6. Initial loading and discharging rate.
  7. Topping off rate / Stripping Arrangement.
  8. Details of ullaging and sampling, documentation.

Tank Washing

  1. Detail of work – Wash water filling into slop tank.
  2. Initial result for atmosphere check of COT.
  3. Details of line flushing.
  4. Details of Decanting operation.
  5. Details of line pressure test. (If done)
  6. Details of the tank washing procedure.
  7. Details of water wash, Chemical used,

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