Personal traits that will assist in the effective functioning on board.

  1. Don’t form groups – This is commonly seen everywhere, especially on board ship where people belonging to the same group or region get together. They form groups among themselves, avoiding others intentionally or unknowingly.
  2. Stop Blaming Others – In case of an accident on mishap on board ships, it is a common tendency among seafarers to blame others. That will not solve the problem and can create a bad relationship between them. The best thing you can do in this situation is to come forward and accept your part of mistake instead of blaming others.
  3. Compliment others – Complimenting others after they perform a great job, Motivates and pushes them to perform better and This small part from your side can bring happiness to others face.
  4. let go of our egos – Ego is the reason for most of the professional troubles on board ship. Instead of taking thing to your ego try improving your skill set. The ego will only lead to lack of efficiency and massive misunderstanding among seafarers.
  5. Help your crew member –  While working on ships one often hears – ” this is not my job” , ” why will i do this “. With this point, i don’t mean Help, everyone, every time but help them when they need your help Or when you find the work difficult for one man/women.
  6. Try not mixing professional life with Personal life – While working onboard, the difference of opinion and small arguments or debates are very likely. Some people make it a big issue. Please don’t do that.
  7. Don’t Indulge in Negative Gossips – Being a part of a small team 15-20 people, One should learn good things from others instead of bad mouthing behind their back.

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