What is Special area as per marpol

Special Areas: Special Areas refer to sea regions where the implementation of specific mandatory measures to prevent pollution is deemed necessary due to recognized technical, oceanographical, ecological conditions, and unique traffic patterns. The following are designated Special Areas:

Annex I: a) Mediterranean Sea Area b) Baltic Sea Area c) Black Sea Area d) Red Sea Area e) Gulf Area (Persian Gulf) f) Gulf of Aden g) Antarctic Area (South of Latitude 60°S) h) North West European Waters i) Oman Area of the Arabian Sea j) South African Waters

Annex II: Antarctic Area (South of Latitude 60°S)

Annex IV: Baltic Sea

Annex V: a) Mediterranean Sea b) Baltic Sea c) Black Sea d) Red Sea e) Gulf Area (Persian Gulf) f) North Sea g) Antarctic Area h) Wider Caribbean Region (includes Gulf of Mexico)

Annex VI: Emission Control Area (ECA): Emission Control Areas are regions where pollution from ocean-going ships, including NOX, SOX, and Particulate Matter, is subject to stricter control compared to global emission standards. The following regions are designated as Emission Control Areas:

a) North American Areas b) United States Caribbean Sea Area c) Baltic Sea d) North Sea

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