Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory

Maslow said that we have needs that need to be fulfilled in a specific order and it has to start from the bottom of the pyramid all the way to top.

1st level -Our most basic need is our physiological need this can include anything from food, water, air, all the needs to survive basically.

2nd level is need for safety of resource, health, employment, property (basic needs but this can be fulfilled only when physiological needs are fulfilled. ) we call level 1 and 2 basic level.

3rd level is love, What we call our social needs.

4th level is need for esteem , self esteem. This is a level of respect, we like to gain respect from others. when we reach this level

The last level is the level of self-actualization. It is basically our need for wanting morality, a sense of morality, a need for acceptance and also creativity. So this is our full potential.

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